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God is in Control


Thursday night my bible study lesson included the verse "be still and know that I am God".

I got home and read Joan C Webb from Intentional Woman, in which she focused on "be still". 

Friday I received another message with that verse.  My heart starting shouting to my mind, maybe I need to get on knees as God is clearly trying to get my attention.

Later that night my husband (who has been working out of town and returning home on weekends) called to say he had started the 3 hour drive home, but he transmission may have gone out of his car. I drove over to pick him up and get him home, leaving the car at a repair shop.

This morning I received this verse via email from K-Love.  "we can rejoice when we run into trials and troubles".

At this moment we are working out a car rental situation while we wait for cost of car repair. I am putting a stamp on the tax return which says “Pay this amount…”  Work contract for hubby is up soon and then…….”

I feel like Daniel in the Lions Den and each of these struggles is like a lion waiting to devour me.

But you know what? I am calm. My typical response is panic. But I am not.  God sent me His reassurances just when I needed Him most.

We do serve an awesome God. I don’t know what this week will bring but I know this, God is taking care of me.  I just wanted to share.

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