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She shops around for the best yarns, and enjoys knitting (and crochet). Prov 31:13MSG

Granny Square


I tried to get creative with the title, but as you can see, I just stuck to the basic “Granny Square”.

Speaking of basics, do you know how to make a granny square?  If you can chain and make a double crochet, you can make a granny square.

The ladies in my local Knit and Crochet Bible Study have decided they want to make 5” granny squares using miscellaneous yarn from their stash (or as an excuse to go to a yarn shop for more yarn. Me? Would I do that? My favorite verse is “she shops for the best yarns…..” )

But before they could make the granny squares they had to learn how. So in an effort to help them I have created a how-to video to help.

I am still having trouble with the volume, once I finish the encoding it drops so you may have to turn your speakers up a bit.  I also added some pop-up instructions on the screen for further assistance.

The thing I like best about granny squares is that you can make them any size you desire.  I have a number of afghans made full size and baby size in one big piece.  Others I have made are several squares seamed together.  You can make square of various sizes and incorporate them into one piece.

Overall it is a fun stitch, easily transportable, and versatile. I’d love to see pictures of your completed projects from granny squares. Here are a couple of mine.



This was a Christmas gift I made last year. Using some “Peaches ‘n Cream” cotton yarn the granny square became a dishcloth.





This granny square grew to be 45 inches square and finishes off this baby ensemble.




There are other ways of making the granny square, check out other patterns and find the one that is your favorite.


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