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She shops around for the best yarns, and enjoys knitting (and crochet). Prov 31:13MSG

January 6, 2017
by BearyAnn
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My One Word for 2017

I first got the idea after reading the book “One Perfect Word” by Debbie Macomber. For several years I chose one word which would be my word for the year.  When I did this, that word resonated throughout the year and helped me to focus.

Last year I didn’t choose one and as I look back at 2016 it feels undefined.

So I am choosing a word for 2017.  The word is ‘committed’.  I am committed to stepping out; I am committed to moving forward; I am committed to following the path God has laid before me; I am committed to believing I am not walking alone; I am committed to me; I am committed to action.

So many thoughts, ideas, and desires have flooded my mind and my heart.  It is time to get them out of my head, off the paper, and into action.  I may fail, yes. But I may succeed.  Either result is frightening. But I have committed to facing the results, no matter what it may be.

Do you celebrate a word for the year? What word did you choose?

October 18, 2016
by BearyAnn

Through My Headset–Crash the Chatterbox

“..and take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5

Recently my small group did a 6 week study that so impacted my life I have to share it.

After we completed the study I plugged in the headphones to hear the book, read by the author.  I particularly liked that what the stories the author used in the video were not the same as in the book, so I am not just rehashing what we had covered.

Pastor Steven Furtick really shed light on that chatterbox we listen to in our heads.  The best visual I could think of to describe the chatterbox and its constant badgering in my head is the old video game Break Out (is that what it’s called?). A  ball goes from one side of the screen to the other, breaking down bricks of the wall, smashing against them and moving in another direction. 

In my head the ball bounces back and forth, breaking my concentration, my confidence, my self worth. Each brick it smashed created dozens of shards that attacked me, telling me I a failure, I cannot do anything right, no one wants to listen to me, I am nothing.

In the video series, Pastor Furtick interviews “The Chatterbox” and brings this imaginary attacker to life. By seeing the chatterbox as someone I could face, I could challenge, it gave me strength to say “shut up, I am not listening to you”.


I have heard and read many articles telling me to just trust God and everything would be okay. But I found that voice in my head was louder than God’s voice. God was speaking, but in the loud chatter of all the lies, I wasn’t hearing His truth.

Now I tune in to God’s voice, like a dial on the radio. I am actively practicing shutting out that chatterbox that tells me I am nothing. That chatterbox that is filled with lies and deceit.

It has to be a conscious effort. It doesn’t happen naturally, yet. But like everything else, I must continue to daily do this, it must become as natural to me as breathing. I must choose to listen to the truth of God’s Word, just as I choose to listen to my husband, child, or friend as we sit in a crowded coffee shop. I tune out the noise of the coffee shop to hear the one I am with; so I must tune out the chatterbox to hear the God of my life.grandma_ghetto_blaster_lg_clr

If you have a chatterbox in your head, I highly recommend “Crash the Chatterbox” book and study.  In fact, you can go to You Tube and watch as Pastor Furtick delivers this message in a 6 part series while you are working on your latest knit/crochet project.

Tune out the world, tune in to God.

“..and take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5

October 13, 2016
by BearyAnn

I Am A W.I.P

Romans 12:2  Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but be a new and different person with a fresh newness in all you do and think. Then you will learn from your own experience how his ways will really satisfy you.

If  you have been working knit or crochet projects for any time at all, you are familiar with the term WIP. It stands for “Work In Progress”.   In my home I have several closets which have become hide-aways for various WIP projects.

I place this projects in these hide-away places when I find an error in my work that I do not wish to address; or I have become bored with the direction the pattern is going. Sometimes I do so because I have found a project that I think is more interesting. In other words, I am not satisfied with the project.

It’s not only the projects that get hidden away.  I am learning that I, too, tend to hide. It could be because I feel I have been wronged, or that I have done wrong. It could be that I don’t feel worthy or that I want something different. I want what someone else has, whether it is a physical object or a perceived emotional state; either way I am comparing myself to others. I am not satisfied with who I am. I am hiding because, in my mind, I am incomplete.

The truth is, I am incomplete.  I am a work in progress. Hiding away doesn’t change that. Staying out in the open doesn’t change it either. I am God’s Masterpiece, unfinished, stitched more each day (Ephesians 2:10)!

I may try hiding, yet unlike the projects I toss in the closet and forget they are there, God knows where I am and continues to work on me.  He reminds me not to seek the approval of those around me or to conform to others. I will never be satisfied because there will always be someone who will find a fault or disagreement with me.  He is stitching me with a fresh newness so that I may be satisfied in Him.

God continues to work on the project that is me. He hasn’t given up on me and tossed me aside.  Even with what I consider flaws in my pattern, He sees them as design enhancements. He continues to weave Himself through the stitches each day with a fresh newness.

It’s time to step into the light, unfinished, yet in progress, until completion.  My satisfaction is in Him.

October 13, 2016
by BearyAnn

My First Knit Crochet Bible Study Groups

My First Knit Crochet Bible Study Groups
I thought I’d use this month to share how I started my first groups. You could call it ‘the foundation row’. (for the story of how the Knit and Crochet Bible Studies started check out the about page on my website CLICK HERE)

After compiling several ‘lessons’ I approached the Women’s Director of my church. She read the stories and really liked the idea. The church leaders agreed to try a semester to see if and how it would go over.
We met in our church coffee shop where the ladies were allowed to sit in comfy chairs and on sofas instead of at a table like most other classes. This allowed for a very relaxed atmosphere.
At our first meeting there were about 6 ladies and myself.  I gave a brief description of what the next few weeks would be like then launched into a knitting lesson. (The ladies had all been instructed to bring in a skein of yarn and set of needles.)  By the end of the evening, everyone had cast on and was working on the knit stitch. Over time, the purl stitch, increase, decrease, casting off and more were added as well as some crochet techniques.

The routine after the first session was to have everyone working on their projects while I read the short lesson and then led a discussion.  During the first weeks there was a not a lot of discussion as many find it hard to knit/crochet and talk at the same time while in the early stages of learning. However, it wasn’t long before everyone could move their hands to the stitch and add their thoughts to the conversation without losing their place. Yes, we did learn to frog (rip it) during these episodes as well 🙂 
By the next semester, getting started was a bit less hectic in my teaching of the craft as I now had some experienced knitters and crocheters. Instead of standing in the midst of several and trying to teach everyone, I could stand in the middle, demonstrate, and each new person would be alongside an experienced person who would help them one-on-one with what I was saying.

Not all participants wanted to knit or crochet. We had one join our group who brought along a rug she was hooking and others brought in embroidery work.
As in all groups, some excelled quickly into the craft; some had difficulty and lagged behind. The same applies to Bible Study and our individual relationship with Jesus Christ. We are all at various levels, no matter how long we have been involved.

Have you hosted a Knit Crochet Bible Study?  What techniques worked for you? What didn’t?  I’d love to hear your stories.

September 4, 2015
by BearyAnn

Through My Headset – Precious In His Sight

I recently ran across an audio series by Theresa Ingram, wife of Pastor Chip Ingram of Living on the Edge.  I downloaded the MP3 and PDF files and thoroughly enjoyed the “Precious In His Sight” series and teachings of Theresa.  I related so well to her words.

The first part is titled “Mirror, Mirror On the Wall” and looks at  what God says is true about my appearance; I am Beautiful in Jesus’ Eyes.  I was created in God’s image. I am beautiful because He designed me, knows me intimately, and loves me. Though man looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart.

Part 2 is titled “From Cinderella to a Princess”, noting we are righteous in Jesus’ eyes. There is a difference in our lives before and after Christ.

In part 3 you are “Born to be a Winner”. Theresa discusses how to experience in you what is true of you. What untruths do you tell yourself? What is true of you? I loved her question “what is tatooed on your mind?’   Your self-talk could be your biggest weapon satan will use against you.

Finally, in part 4, appropriately titled “Wings” you are reminded how uniquely gifted and enabled by God to make a significant impact with your life. Yes, are can make an impact. She discusses the 4 road blocks we set up that hinder God from using us.

I was very touched by this series. I heard myself in her stories.

Once I finished I learned that there is an audiobook titled “Precious in His Sight” which is unabridged. The MP3 files are available through Amazon and the Living on the Edge website.

I highly recommend this to every woman who has even the slightest bit of self-doubt.  Yes, God can use you and wants to use you. He can and wants to use me.

This website, my desire to become a life coach and to begin public speak, along with my Knit and Crochet Bibles Studies, and my teddy bears are just the tip of the story He is unfolding in my life.

What story is He unfolding in your life?

July 30, 2015
by BearyAnn

Frogging My Life

As a yarn crafter, you are familiar with “frogging” – even if you don’t know the term.  FROGGING is named such because you pull the hook or needles out of your project and you ‘rip-it, rip-it, rip-it”.

I have a large box of papers that I need to get rid of; paperwork from cars we haven’t owned in years, utility bills decades old, a house that sold nearly 25 years ago, taxes from last century.  So my shredder is busy frogging all these pages.

While I was empyting out the shreds I started thinking of this frogging in terms of sin.

When you frog a project you tear out the work you have accomplished but you still have the yarn to rework the same project or begin another. You choose what to do with the yarn. Do you reuse it? Do you stuff it in a drawer for later? Do you get rid of it?

When I sin I have the same option.  I go the Savior and repent, He forgives  it is frogged and He has thrown the yarn into the sea. Psalm 103:12 says it like this. “As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.”   But so often I reach out and grab hold of an end of that yarn. I don’t let go. I don’t start a new project with it. I don’t even store it away, out of site. I use it as a constant reminder of my failures, my mistakes, my sins.

Why can’t I let go of that part of my life? As long as I allow it to have any part of my life I am holding on to the past and do not move forward. God wants me to move forward.

Yes, there are consequences to our actions that we must experience. But how much of what we hold onto is nothing more than reminders, holding us back.

So many times I don’t move forward because of the pull of that yarn. It is time to let it go.



What scrap of yarn are you holding on to? Does God want you to drop it?

May 21, 2015
by BearyAnn

Through My Headset – Born With Teeth

If you read my last newsletter, you know I am in my mid-50s. Okay, I am now 56.   

So I remember well, as a teenager, a new soap opera that came on the scene. Ryan’s Hope featured a spirited young woman who was very strong, yet not vindictive like most strong women appeared in those shows ( at least the few I saw ).  She was played by a new up and coming actress, Kate Mulgrew.

I enjoyed watching that show, and was excited when she was named the Captain of Voyager.  I admired the character she portrayed.

So, I eagerly preordered the audible version of her book “Born With Teeth” when it became available.

I am now listening to Kate read the book, telling her life story.  It is very interesting.  With Kate being the narrator, it feels like we are sitting over coffee and she is telling me all about herself.

I am only to the part where she is working on Ryan’s Hope.  I must return to the story and the shawl I am knitting.

April 30, 2015
by BearyAnn

Through My Headset – Twelve Extraordinary Women

I am currently listening to AND reading in print, the book Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur.

This books takes a look at 12 women in the Bible. He goes deep into the culture and through Scripture tells a story of each women.  I am reading it with 2 other women and we are using the corresponding workbook to add to our reading.

I find the book very encouraging. He brings to light different angles of the stories we hear. Through Scripture he brings out how God used each woman to tell the gospel story. God’s mercy and grace abound!

For example, consider Rahab the prostitute. She hid the Israeli spies and lied to protect them. She later told the spies of her fear of what the Lord could do that motivated her faith.  She had grown up hearing stories of the God of Israel and the triumphs in battle.

John MacCarthur goes on to say “Hers was a healthy kind of fear. It had convinced her that YHWH was indeed the one true God.

As a child we feared our parents discipline when we knew we did wrong. That led us to doing the right thing.

“Fear of the Lord” can be frightening OR it can lead us to believing in the One True God. Is your ‘fear’ a healthy fear leading you into the arms of the Lord?

John MacArthur is very encouraging of women throughout this book. He shows a respect of I don’t often find in male translations.

If you are looking for a study of women in the Bible for yourself or as a group, I highly recommend this book

April 16, 2015
by BearyAnn

God’s Pattern

Hold on to the pattern of wholesome teaching you learned from me – a pattern shaped by the faith and love that you have in Christ Jesus. – 2 Timothy 1:13 (NLT)


My name is BearyAnn and I am pattern hoarder. There, I said it.

I have pattern books, flyers, pages and leaflets. My craft room has book shelves filled with them.  I have thousands of digital patterns saved. because ‘one day’ I will want to make it.

I love patterns!  They are inspiring, they get me into a creative frame of mind and they build up because I don’t follow through. If I never obtained another pattern and crafted only from what I have, I would not live long enough to complete a small fraction of them.

Having a pattern no more creates the item than paying for a gym membership gets me into shape without attending.  Or maybe like ‘sitting in a church doesn’t make me a Christian’.

No matter how you look at it, these patterns are of no value until I apply them to yarn and hook or needle.

Scripture tells us to ‘hold on to the pattern’ learned about our faith. But like my multitude of knit/crochet patterns, it must be applied.  That is what he means by ‘hold on to’; he is telling us to make this teaching a part of your life. The pattern offered up is shaped by ‘the faith and love that  you have in Christ Jesus.’

How does that pattern show up in your life? Are the stitches in order? How is the tension of your stitched pattern? Does it reflect the faith and love you have of Christ ? What will you do to complete and display that pattern?

March 27, 2015
by BearyAnn
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It Came Undone

A few years ago I made a spiderweb afghan for my grandson. He loved that aghan. He could use it as a cape or wrap up and hide in it.

spideyghan_cape spideyghan_caught spideyghan_hiding

—Okay, before you ask, you want the pattern.  I got the pattern free. I checked the link and it is no longer valid.  It is written by ‘Gail of Sitch ‘n Frog”  I did find it on .  I hope it is a legitimate share.—

Then one day he brought it back to me.  There is a whole section where the yarn broke!


I was devastated!  I made my 1st afghan when I was 11 or 12. My grandmother taught me the granny square. I have never, in over 40 years of making afghans had this happen.

Life happens like that too.  I get things all lined up exactly as I want them, my TO DO lists all prioritized and I am ready for the day. Then suddenly, life comes undone. It could start with a phone call or email, pain could tell me my body is not going to participate that day, a pipe bursts, an unexpected bill arrives…… you get the idea.

Jesus was often interrupted. He walks through a town and crowds chase after Him.  He stops to rest and a group gathers. He tries to sleep and is awakened. He never let the interruption stop Him from doing what He had to do.

How do you respond when your life becomes undone like the afghan?

I recently read a book about a woman who looked at her life become UNDONE. It is written by Michelle Cushatt.  As she reflects on the various interruptions in her life where she unraveled and became undone, you will surely relate.

With fear and trepidation I worked at the undone area. I carefully picked up each broken thread and gathered it together, hoping I didn’t unravel it further. Gently I stitched through, around, under, and over the large area.  It appeared to hold, but left a scar on the pattern.

I sent the blanket home with my grandson asking him to tell me if it didn’t hold. I would try something different.

Just like everything else in my life, when a thread unravels the choices are to ignore it and set it aside, or fix it and move on.

The disciples thought everything Jesus would be undone at the crucifixion. But the empty tomb made a difference. The veil was ripped, but new life promised was a possibility.

God is never too busy to stitch your unraveled life if you bring it to him.  He is never surprised either. He is waiting for you to bring it to him. Will you hand it over?