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She shops around for the best yarns, and enjoys knitting (and crochet). Prov 31:13MSG

Salvation Colors Afghan – PURPLE


Purple in the Salvation Colors represents royalty.

Christ was born to be “King of Kings”, “Lord of Lords”. The disciples expected him to set up a kingdom here on earth and where bewildered at the events that led to his death.  But God had a plan that they could not understand.

Jesus did not wear the robes of royalty here on earth, He did not adorn his hands with diamonds and other jewels. But He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and preparing a place for us in his heavenly kingdom.

The stitch pattern for knit and for crochet is called “diamonds”. I thought it appropriate for this color.  Diamonds are used to represent commitment in a marriage vow. Jesus has committed His life for ours.

The patterns chosen here are a bit more difficult than the others. At least for me, they required more concentration than the previous ones. Take your time and watch the diamonds appear in the panel.

Download the pattern for knit and crochet here. (A PDF reader is required)

purple_k    purple_c


  1. Purple is the color of Christ also because of the Hypostatic Union: Blue for the Divinity of God and Red for the Blood shed by Jesus for our sins. Thus, purple when both natures, divine and human are present, having only been present in the Messiah, Jesus the Christ.

    🙂 Lovely scarf…. 🙂

  2. What is FPtr? from the crohet?????

  3. FPtr refers to a “Front Post triple” . Create the triple crochet by making 2 yarn overs on your hook. You now have 3 on the hook. Insertyour hook from the front on the right side of the designated stitch. Bring it around the post of that stitch to the left and through to the front. Yarn over. Now complete the treble stitch as usual by doing a (yarn over and drawing through 2 loops) 3 times.

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