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Salvation Colors: update

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I have received several comments and emails from people just joining in on the Knit-along/Crochet-along. Welcome to all of you

How are the rest of you coming along? Are your panels completed for the posted colors? 

Next month I will post the last panel color, Green. Then shortly after that the black and red edgings to complete the project by Easter if you desire.

If you need to download the previously posted colors, here they are:








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Also, if you are on facebook, be sure to join the Knit and Crochet Bible Study fan club and post pictures of your completed work.

By the way, a couple of the patterns are very intricate and may require more concentration than other stitch patterns.  My local group got a little frustrated when they looked at my completed project and then at their attempt. Remember, you are seeing my final results, You didn’t see how many times I frogged an entire panel or tinked back a few rows.

May your hearts be encouraged, being knit together in His love. Col 2:2

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