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Through My Headset – The Betrayal


Anxious to continue with the story of “The Brotherhood” I quickly loaded the audio story “The Betrayal” , part 2 of the story.

The story did conclude, exciting to the end. It reminded me of many of today’s police dramas with the twist of a man seeking to follow God.  I am pleased to know there are additional books in the series.

Jerry B. Jenkins brings life to characters who believe in the Word and face daily trials where they learn to rely on it. He doesn’t add the falseness often portrayed on television.

The narration and writing were very good.  I could visualize the scene and follow the action. Sometimes I found it hard to knit or crochet while listening, because I was so engrossed in the story.

As I looked into the next book, I found this is a trilogy, thus only 1 more book. The story could end at Betrayal, I am anxious to see what happens next. I was, however,  looking forward to long series…. oh well.

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